Reiki by the Sea, a little background


Amazing photo of East Beach, White Rock that I happened to take with my phone, if you can believe it. I took this in September 2014 right before we moved to White Rock and shortly after I came up with the name “Reiki by the Sea”. A perfect accompaniment, I think.

I originally posted my “how I found Reiki” post almost exactly 3 years ago over on my blog at

You can read the post here.

If you read the post you can clearly see that I was not in good health when I discovered Reiki. It is oftentimes the way. You get so sick before you will try anything because everything else you’ve tried isn’t working. And sometimes that is when you discover and learn some of the very best things. And for me Reiki was one of those very best things.

It has been 4 years since I learned Reiki and I have used it regularly in my life since then. I have always planned to share it and now I am finally ready to.

I actually started this plan in my head two and a half years ago. We were living in Aldergrove at the time and life was challenging. Super challenging. One day I dropped off my daughter at my Mom’s and took some very rare “me time”. I headed down to White Rock beach just to have time to myself. I always have found the ocean to be healing. And while I was sitting there thinking about my need to move to White Rock to be closer to my Mom and my support system that is when I had the very thought “Reiki by the Sea”. It came out of nowhere and popped into my head. It sounded absolutely perfect to me.

And here we are two and half years later and I am ready. And it feels like exactly the right time, too.


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