You Aren’t Sick Enough

I do administration work for a homeopath (Sharon Richlark of Wholistically Speaking who happens to really know her stuff in case you are wondering). I am lucky that I get to learn all sorts of amazing things about our bodies and how to heal them in the process. We recently had a conversation about how people have to get really sick before they are ready to get better.  As you can imagine a lot of her clients are people who have tried everything else and finally come to her desperate to try anything that will help.

Sharon is a true healer. This means that her true motivation is simply to heal people. She could care less about the rest (although she does need to be paid, as do we all, so that she can take care of herself in order to help others). She gets very frustrated with people who show up at her doorstep and then don’t follow her instructions because how can she help them if they won’t listen?

So this conversation we had was about a similar situation. But then she declared that she told the person to go away because they weren’t sick enough yet. They weren’t sick enough yet to be serious about getting better. She has far sicker people she needs to spend her time on.

And this has stuck with me ever since. We now live in such a fast paced world that we don’t slow down to take care of ourselves …until we are sick enough. And this has struck me as how very wrong that is.

And I realize that I am no different. I was very sick when I met Sharon. I started as her client. She did amazing things for me and I got better. Much better.

Now I have just lived the most stressful 3 years of my life and during that time I have slowly let my health slip again because I am too busy and because I haven’t had a big budget for extras. But mostly because I had too much on my plate and didn’t take the time to slow down and take care of myself. I will say though I am nowhere near where I was back in 2013 when I met my homeopath. Back then I was barely functioning at times!

At the beginning of 2017 I declared it the year of making sure I do self care. This recent conversation has only underlined the importance of self care.

I have already started with getting myself back on Sunrider products. This company has absolutely amazing products that are developed with their philosophy of regeneration. They cleanse, nourish and balance your body. I always feel better after taking them.

I also went to a Jikiden Reiki practice night (where Jikiden Reiki practitioners take turns giving each other Reiki) this week for the first time in I can’t remember when. It made me realize that I need to do much more of that, too.

I have also identified that I need to learn to ask for help. I am not sure why this is such a difficult thing to do since I do know that it makes most people happy to be able to help.

And I am trying to reserve more time for me to do the things I like to do for fun. It is difficult to do when you are a single parent and also working from home. So, I am working on better boundaries between home and work and also between my girly and me.

It’s challenging because often life gets in the way. I get on track and then life happens and time passes. But I will not feel guilt because I failed to stay on track.  I will not give up because I failed to stay on track. I will stubbornly continue on with my intentions.

I vow to not become “sick enough” before I take measures to maintain my health.






2 thoughts on “You Aren’t Sick Enough

  1. That is fantastic! And the fact that you can tell yourself that!! Keep up the amazing work 😘 I have seen how much stronger you have become over the years and am so proud of you.


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